Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tale about my virtual trip.
It started from my IBM,
With a simple little click.

I tried to surf the Internet, things did not go well.
I wound up in a Chat Room with the cyber-geeks from Hell.
(He's trapped in cyber-Hell)
They won't shut up, I can't escape this AOL nightmare.
If I signed on to Prodigy, 
I bet they'd find me there.
Those geeks are everywhere.

I'm stuck inside the World Wide Web with weirdos I just don't know.

I hit F1,
Unplugged the phone,
I can't click out, I can't click in.
It says, "In Chat"
Oh, my God,
I'm trapped on the Internet!
[Lagu yang enak! Ada juga file wav-nya, bisa diunduh di 62nds. 
Lagu ini selalu mengingatkan pada perjalanan pertama..]

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